Rohan Dixit
Neuroimaging of meditation at Harvard-MIT-MGH Martinos Center, resting state neuroscience at Stanford Medical Center.
Jeff Lieberman
Artist and mechanical engineer, four degrees from MIT and host of Discovery Channel's Time Warp.
Ravi Purushotma
Learning games designer and developer, previously researcher in MIT Education Arcade group.

Scientific Board

Catherine Kerr, Ph.D.
Meditation neuroimaging expert and Director of Translational Neuroscience and Contemplative Studies Initiative at Brown University.

Walter Sipe, M.D.
Harvard and UCSD-trained psychiatrist and pediatric gastroenterologist. Expert in mindfulness based cognitive therapy and currently at UCSF Medical Center.

Matthew White, M.D.
Stanford University clinical psychiatrist currently leading neuroimaging of meditation and hypnosis research at the Stanford Medical Center.